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C7 - Creative 7 Inc. | 7 remarkable inventions still essential to us
Have we stop to think what from the past might still be essential in today's society? Design and printing may not be what they are without the innovations from the past. These Top 7 innovations have made a huge contribution to today's society.
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7 remarkable inventions still essential to us

7 remarkable inventions still essential to us

The speed of technology in today’s society can be scary or impressive, depending on the perspective of who is analyzing the question.  While creativity is the key to new and innovative ideas, it is innovation that leads to success as it is the implementation of those creative ideas. So here seven creative ideas from the past still essential in today’s innovative society.

  1. The Model T
  2. Electric light
  3. The printing press
  4. Transistors
  5. Refrigeration
  6. Antibiotics
  7. The internet

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