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A self-taught photographer, Laurent presents a new award-winning photography series, seen through a porthole.
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A porthole windows photography series

A porthole windows photography series

In his previous series “Souvenirs d’un Futur”, Laurent Kronental had showcased senior citizens living in French “Grands Ensembles” (high-rise social housing projects) around Paris. Now he invites us to gaze at the world through the portholes of the Tours Aillaud in his new project, entitled “Les Yeux des Tours”.

Confined by the walls of the Tours Aillaud, the viewer is invited to gaze through the porthole windows which frame snippets in time of the Parisian suburbs. Self-taught photographer who lives and works in France, Laurent discovered photography in China during a stay of several months in Beijing. “Souvenir d’un Futur” was nominated and distinguished in international photographic prizes. via Feeldesain

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