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C7 - Creative 7 Inc. | Facebook ads to link to WhatsApp accounts
Facebook has announced that it will be linking the business side of WhatsApp in much the same way it did with Messenger. New marketing ways in the social media platforms.
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Facebook ads link to brands’ WhatsApp accounts

Facebook ads link to brands’ WhatsApp accounts

Facebook, the social network with more than 2 billion users worldwide, introduced an ad format that can be linked to WhatsApp. Advertisers can show a button on their ads that let people make a call or send a message with WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned mobile chat app with 1.3 billion users. Brands can buy click-to-WhatsApp ads by creating a Facebook Page post and selecting a menu option to add the button.

The WhatsApp-enabled ads will only be shown to people on Facebook who have WhatsApp installed on their phones. They will resemble a standard News Feed ad but include a “Send Message” button that features WhatsApp’s logo. Hitting the button will open WhatsApp to a preformatted message crafted by the business for a person to send to the business. People will be able to edit the message’s text before sending it, and the message will be delivered with an image of the initial Facebook ad so that the brand can identify which ad is responsible for the incoming message. via Marketing Land

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