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Stunning Creation of 9 Foot Tall Statue of Liberty – LEGO.
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Stunning Creation of 9 Foot Tall Statue of Liberty – LEGO

Stunning Creation of 9 Foot Tall Statue of Liberty – LEGO

Okay… let it be known! I love Lego! Which creative mind doesn’t? It seems the world is just fascinated by these pieces that help us create stunning masterpieces. The case in point is the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History that just opened a new wing, and it’s celebrating with a giant LEGO masterpiece with exhibitions on the theme, “The Nation We Build Together.” Along those lines, the museum teamed up with LEGO to honor that symbol of the American melting pot, the Statue of Liberty.

The LEGO Master Builders designed and then created a 125-pound, 1:32 scale replica of the New York City statue for display at the museum, where it will remain until the end of the year. In total, the statue rises 300 LEGO bricks tall (9 feet) and contains 25,375 pieces. The LEGO Lady Liberty is 1/32nd the size of the 111-foot, 6-inch original on Ellis Island. Amazing! via Lego

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