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If you want to know how your business is doing on Instagram, you may find it is not always easy to find easy to track analytics. These top 7 apps are free and will help you know how successful your marketing strategies are.
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Top 7 free Instagram analytics apps for 2019

Top 7 free Instagram analytics apps for 2019

Knowing who uses Instagram and how they interact on the platform can help your business to craft a better Instagram marketing strategy. With a heavily active user base, there are tons of opportunities for users, influencers and businesses alike. The question is: how do you monitor these analytics to know if you are being successful with your campaigns? There are plenty of Instagram analytics apps to help you keep track of your progress and discover areas for improvement. Here, we have the top free Instagram analytics apps, so that you can put your money in boosting your content.

  1. Instagram Insights
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Squarelovin
  4. Crowdfire
  5. Pixlee
  6. Union Metrics
  7. Socialbakers

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