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In business, as in life, being consistent is an integral part of the equation.
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Consistency: the forgotten quality

Consistency: the forgotten quality

by: Jamie Iria

Consistency is one of those words, one of those concepts a lot of people don’t seem to be taking too seriously anymore. What exactly should we be looking at when we talk about this concept? Well, it should encompass consistency in the good work we do; consistency in how you are nice to people; consistency as really being the name of the game, the thing you do day in and day out.

In business, one of the things I actually hate is the inconsistency – or the non-consistent aspect – of people when you have to rely on them, be it suppliers, teammates or anyone in between. Due to this lack of consistency, especially in business, we end up doing so much more, having extra worries which could be easily avoided.

Allow me a quick example! I have a supplier that does a lot of work for me. Most of the times, the team is good, in the sense that it can provide a good service in a timely manner. However, time and again, that consistency in their work seems to fly out of the window. And that is fine if we are able to acknowledge that, as humans, we make mistakes. What I find interesting is that with that inconsistency always comes the annoying side of people trying to find excuses and not owning up to their mistakes. It should not be difficult to recognize our mistakes when we make them and to admit to them, apologizing for the fact things did not go the way they were supposed to have gone. I feel that side of humanity is fast disappearing – if it isn’t already gone. I am not sure what happened, but nowadays nobody admits their faults anymore and nobody seems to want to apologize or say they will try better next time. This aspect really goes with the importance of being consistent.

Truth be told: consistency is one of the most important values we can have as entrepreneurs, as artistas, as people in general. I guess the challenge is to be consistently nice, to consistently provide good work. Even though it can be hard at times, it isn’t necessarily impossible. If for some odd reason we were not able to be consistent, all we have to do is to say sorry and promise to do better next time.

It may seem like this post is a bit of a rant, but it really isn’t. If we stop to think about those days when everything seems to be going wrong, can we pinpoint inconsistency as perhaps the main reason of what is happening? At the end of the day, I am still cool about it because I’m just that kind of person. Even if it gets to you at that particular moment, we need to remember to smile. I guess I am consistent in that aspect: I always smile and I always try to see the positive side of everything even when dealing with difficult situations.

I guess my goal is to see if we can get more people to be consistent and the world will be a better place. With a little effort, consistency is a quality that will find its place in society again.

Stay creative and stay consistent.

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