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Podcasts are here to stay and they are a tremendous tool to advertise your business. Spotify has now enter this world of audio files and will be big soon, especially when it comes to social media and marketing.
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Spotify has big podcast plans for 2019

Spotify has big podcast plans for 2019

If you had any doubts about podcasts, hopefully they will convince you that they are a tremendous tool for your business and they are here to stay. Spotify has just acquired Gimlet Media and Anchor to boost its podcast credentials, as the company looks to grow its share of the podcast market.

What this means is that a big percentage of people using Spotify will not be listening to music – or will be listening less to music – and will turn their attention to podcasts. It also means that potentially new people will join Spotify to listen to podcasts.

On top of this, Spotify has already been striking deals to bring original shows to its service. So, if you are not yet doing podcasts, get on board!

via The Verge

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