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Should you have a blog for your business? How can your blog help? How will your Blog help people find you?
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The benefits of blogging for business

The benefits of blogging for business

Should you have a blog for your business?
The simple, straight forward answer is that a Blog is the best way to get your story out to the world.

Why should you blog?
Just like branding, photography, video or podcasts play a major part of your business’ storytelling success in today’s society, blogging helps fill in the same gap. The benefits of blogging for business are tremendous as it essentially serves as a platform for your business to share the information you write about with your customers. It will allow them to understand what products or services your business offers.

How can your blog help?
As contradictory as the idea may seem, it is actually very important to stress the importance of maintaining a blog, regularly updated, for your business. Your Blog essentially serves as a platform for your business. A place you can control. Time and again, we find people who question the effectiveness of a blog in today’s world, especially when there are so many social media platforms available. But you still need to direct people, your audience, to your front door — your website. Using your Blog content to spread information of your company or product on social media is the best way to get the attention of someone that is in need of your service or product to find your home base.

How will your Blog help people find you?
The best way to start “finding” you is if you have more ways to get to them. When searching online, the customer will look for certain keywords or topics, that if used properly in your Blog, will show up on their search.
Here’s the big secret of SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the more material you have floating online, the better chances you have of being found.

How can you spread the word?
After creating your blog just make sure each blog post is the basis for all your social media platforms. This way you are giving your followers a reason to click through to your website. You will make them curious to find out more about your business and will want to explore your website to find out more about what you do.

What else can you do?
Another important aspect to keep in mind is the ability to show how knowledgeable you are in your field. By writing articles which relate to your market and by showing how much you know about it, you are building trust between your business and your potential customers. At the same time, your customers have the opportunity for sharing your blog with other people. It will only benefit your business.

The bottom line.
In summary, blogging makes sense: you are making your business credible, increasing your SEO and driving traffic to your website, and you are building relationships with current and future clients.

Still need help?
If you are too busy to create a blog yourself or you’re just not the writing type, just find someone that can help you — someone like Creative 7 ;). — just don’t let excuses block you from all the opportunities to share your story with the world.

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